Monticello is a 30-minute drive from Urbana-Champaign. A shuttle will not be offered this year. Please arrange your own transportation if you are not lodging at Allerton.

Taxi Services

Atlas Cab Taxi Service(217) 419-1333
Open 24 Hours
City Express Taxi Cab(217) 418-7450
Open 24 hours
Hometown Taxi(217) 377-5082
Open 5 AM – 10 PM
We encourage the use of services like Lyft and Uber as well.

Travel to Urbana-Champaign

Urbana-Champaign is located at the junction of I-57, I-72, and I-74, about 130 miles south of Chicago and 110 miles west of Indianapolis.

You can get here by:

Air:(CMI) Willard Airport  (Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth) and United Airway.
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Rail: Amtrak provides daily service from Chicago to Champaign’s Illinois Terminal.
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Bus: Check Greyhound’s listings for routes between Chicago and Champaign’s Illinois Terminal.
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Shuttle Bus: Peoria Charter
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